Friday, 1 January 2016

The Last Post

This is my blog on building a 30 sqm straw bale workshop in my garden. The building was completed in October 2015 and I do not intend to contribute to it or update it for the time being. Perhaps next time I build something!

The project starts in June 2013, so if you want to look at it chronologically then start there and work forward.

The earlier post, 2012, concerns an earlier build of a geodesic dome greenhouse.

Once the walls were plastered inside and out, the glazing was in place, the roof finished and a good lock on the door, building became something I did in the background, when nothing else was happening. There were some major jobs still to undertake, but not the sort of jobs that could reasonably be given to POOSHers or SNaBs, (though I did get some help with the trench for the electricity supply cable.)

And writing and documenting the progress of the work fizzled out, as it didn't always seem like a subject of great interest. I can't imagine you would want to see photos of my workbenches slowly taking shape.However, I thought I should post a few pictures of the workshop now that it is finished.

Work undertaken since April includes:
  • Siting an IBC to collect rainwater
  • Creating a shallow gravel-filled trench around the outside of the stem wall
  • Electrical connection to the garage 20 metres away
  • Limewash the internal walls
  • Internal electrics to include two light fittings, six sockets and lots of conduit
  • Construction of about nine metres of workbench and several shelves
  • Treatment of floor with a mix of linseed oil and beeswax to suppress dusting
  • Closing off the eaves at the rear of the building (to keep out wasps next year).

Gravel apron

Water collection tank

Trench for electricity cable

Distribution board

Consumer unit and socket for outdoor equipment

Grey clay plaster from West Norfolk quarry with Green Man and frame for truth window

Completed truth window, lime washed clay plaster

Overhang shelter at rear

Rear covered storage

Front elevation

View from side window


Interior 1

Interior 2

That's all! Thanks for reading, if you have been. And of course, a big thank you to all who have taken part in this project.